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The Pixie Ultra Curve Bodysuit comes with:


- A Bejewelled Curve Bodysuit

- Thigh & Leg Accessory Pieces 

- Arm & Wrist Accessory Pieces 

- Necklace Accessory Piece 

- Crystal Tiara headband (with adhesive tape)


The Pixie bejewelled Large Crown Headpiece and the Large Ultra Backpiece are add-on options and can be purchased in the dropdown option


Your Curve Pixie Ultra Costume Package includes:​


- Notting Hill Carnival for Monday​

- Exotic Mas T- Shirt 

- A Carnival Music Truck ​

- DJs Specialised in Soca & Caribbean Sounds! ​

- Private Security Team ​

- Staff Members ​

- Private Roped Off Section​

- All Inclusive Drinks / Mixture of Beverage Options​

- Light Breakfast Foods​

- Light Lunch​

- Roaming Photographer & Videographer ​

- Exotic Mas goodie Bag


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