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Terms & Conditions 

Dear Exotic Mas Member, 


Thank you for joining Exotic Mas to showcase at Carnival. 


Your place has been secured with a NON-REUNDABLE secure deposit or paying in full. By clicking accept, you are now in an agreement of the terms and conditions for Exotic Mas. By accepting this, you have now agreed to the payment plan of the price for your particular costume that Exotic Mas has agreed on. 


Exotic Mas has agreed that on the day over the carnival weekend to provide you with an all-inclusive carnival package. 


Exotic Mas takes pride on making sure that the group is a safe environment for both staff and members of Exotic Mas. 


  • We DO NOT tolerate any sort of violence within the team. 

  • We treat all members with respect at ALL times. 

  • Under 18s should have parental permission to join Exotic Mas. 


If any of these terms are breached, then Exotic Mas has the right to remove you from the group without ANY payment being refunded back to you. 


All payments need to be given on the required date. Any payments that are paid later than the required date will be given a late payment fee of £35 which will be added on to your monthly payment. 


If you cannot make Carnival as you expected to you will NOT receive a refund for your  package, as this is a customised item. If you would like to re-sell your costume package, it will be YOUR responsibility to resell it. You SHOULD NOT contact Exotic Mas to sell your costume package on your behalf. If you are going to resell your costume package it must be sold as per sizes ordered no changes. 


There will be NO size changing and no option changes once you have paid your deposit. NO customised orders will be taken into consideration. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the website on the Contact Us page or directly email us on: 

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