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In-house Costume Designer 

                           JOB DESCRIPTION


Costume designing is definitely the heart and soul of carnival! The vibrant colours, the big feathers and the sparkle of the gems is what Exotic Mas loves the most! As a band, we solely aim to always develop our costumes every single year and be bigger and better each time.


We are looking to expand our designers team and bring on some new fresh talent to come on board and dive into the world into the world of costume designing. This role will be inhouse and you will be required to work in a team with other designers in our band to assist with mas costume production for 2021 onwards. This is a London-based opportunity for applicants aged 18-25.


Key responsibilities:

  • Assisting with the development of costumes during the carnival season (usually from March-August 2021)

  • Liaising with our senior designer to ensure costume quality is to a high standard

  • Working in a team to ensure the mas production of costumes runs smoothly

Salary: £30 to £100 per costume

Location: London

Type of role: Internship

Experience: Beginner - Intermediate Level

 In-house Content Creator

                          JOB DESCRIPTION

Social media is growing as a platform and is rapidly becoming a big marketing tool when it comes to getting content recognised by a wider audience. Exotic Mas searching for ways to improve the brand when it comes to our social media presence across all platforms. Our mission is to give our customers unlimited access to Exotic Mas as we prepare for carnival and showcase our creativity and arts through the use of social media platforms.


We are looking for an experienced and talented Social Media Content Creator who can create high quality engaging posts on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter (etc) to keep our followers updated, informed and entertained. This is a London-based opportunity for applicants aged 18-25.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attending photoshoots, costume launches and band events to record videos/ take pictures of the behind-the-scenes action.

  • Creating and posting informative & entertaining posts weekly


 Salary: £10 to £40 per content

 Location: Home-based/London

 Type of role: Internship

 Experience: Experienced

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